Friday, January 8, 2021

I am a grandma

I am a grandma! I was all set to update my car seat guide this week. I planned to check in on the local resources to see what is available for people who want to get the car seats inspected during COVID. Making sure that the seats are installed properly is important. I didn’t get to all of the calls, but I have a very good excuse. Instead I will tell a story that involves a car seat. I am a grandma! Lauren was due on January 18th, but in the early hours of Monday morning her water broke. Coincidentally, she had an appointment already scheduled with her OB later that morning. They confirmed that her water had broken, she was sent home for the day with orders to return to the hospital that evening. Another lucky coincidence was that afternoon her doula was already scheduled to do a home visit. I went over and watched Jen help Lauren and Adam get prepped for labor. Sadly with Covid, the doula support would be virtual. Even though the due date was two weeks off, Lauren and Adam had been all ready to go. The nursery was ready, the go bag was packed, they had a cooler with meals and snacks all set. The only thing missing was causing some stress. The car seat had been ordered more than a month earlier but was on backorder. Without a car seat, a baby won’t be allowed to leave the hospital. We were figuring out a plan B of either buying or borrowing, but just in the nick of time, ding dong, UPS was at the door with the car seat. Fortunately, Jen the doula used to be certified to install car seats, and she was still at the house. Timing and serendipity, my grandson is part of my family for sure. Labor was the hardest thing Lauren had ever done (take that Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp!) Not being with her was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But, Now I am a grandma of a beautiful 6 pound 8 ounce grandson. Mother and baby are doing well. This boy will be welcomed into a village of family and friends with so much love. He couldn’t have picked better parents, that’s for sure. Next week I will make those calls and update the car seat information for you. As I call, I fully intend to have a baby snuggled in my arms.

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