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welcome to my blog.

At my job I answer questions about a huge variety of topics.
I combine 30 years of of being a pediatric nurse, my experience of raising children of my own,
a leaning towards taking advantage of natural remedies and an extra large dose of common sense.
These postings are my approach to dealing with a myriad of topics. I hope you find them useful.
I am happy to get comments or requests on topics that you would like me to address.

I often comment that if you pick a topic, any topic and ask 10 people a question you can get 20 different answers and opinions. This can be especially confusing and overwhelming to parents who are trying to figure out the best way to handle a variety of parenting issues.
I council that you should gather all of the various suggestions, sift through them and then figure out what instinctively feels right to you. If you try something and it doesn't work, learn the lesson, go back to the well and try one of the other choices.
If you have a partner it is a wise idea to have open discussions and find the approach that you can both agree with. (This sounds sensible, but often the individuals come from such different parenting styles themselves that it is a bit of work finding common ground)

During the course of my job as an advice nurse, there are some questions that we get fairly constantly.
I have found it useful to refer my patients to the blog posts for a basic overview.

Click on the right for a menu of the past topics. You need to click on each month for a full menu of all the posts. (I haven't figured out a way to have all the topics showing, If someone out there knows a secret please share it!)
The ten most popular posts will be up on top.
(It cracks me up that my head lice post is by FAR the most popular)
Now that there are more than 25 topics, you also have to click the arrows on the top right to access a complete list of all the posts.
 You can also do a search up in the upper left corner, for instance if you put in lice, up will pop the head lice post. Of course, some words will show up in multiple posts.
At the bottom here I have a list of post as of March 2014

I also hold classes for parents...more info on those can be found at

If you would like to be added to my weekly email list, just send me an email to and I will be happy to add you.

I hope you find these posts helpful.

~Nurse Judy

March 2013
Tylenol Dosing Chart
Keep a journal
Tummy bugs 101
Milk/calcium guide
Sleep Habits

April 2013
Car seats
Baby poop

May 2013
Poop #2 along comes solid foods
toilet training
Tick bites

June 2013
Head Lice
Bath time
Blocked tear ducts
tips for giving medications
Hand Foot Mouth virus
How much sugar is too much ( Nurse Jen)
Dentist guide

July 2013
Crib safety
Vitamin D
How loud is too loud?
Hepatitis B vaccine

August 2013
Tylenol before vaccines?

Basic butt care/ diaper rash
Dealing with colds and congestion  ( Update 9/14)

September 2013
Medicine cabinet guide
Poisonous plants

October 2013
Nurse Jen book review
Slap Cheek
Nurse Charity on biting
Halloween safety

November 2013
RSV (updated 12/14)
dealing with fevers
Food safety

December 2013
Vick vaporub on your feet?
Creative and inexpensive activities to do with your child

January 2014
Strep throat
Skin fold irritations
Empower your child
head injuries
Pin worms

February 2014
When is your child contagious? (update 3/15)
Pet safety
Measles (update 2/15)

March 2014
Pertussis (please see the April 2015 post)
tick bite update
Charity on warm weather nursing

April 2014
your child's hearing update
Conjunctivitis ( please see the March 2015 post)
Cutting your baby's nails

May 2014
Your baby's weight/growth chart
Pie Theory/ finding balance (updated Feb 2015)
spitting up
Things that get stuck in orifices
Nurse Jen blogs on how words matter

June 2014
Things that get put in the mouth (not food)
Is it a Urinary Tract infection?
Sunscreen (update)

July 2014
Motion sickness
Travel tips
Car seats
Thrush (Nurse Charity)

August 2014
dental Care (Nurse Jen)
infant acne
West Nile virus
2014/15 Flu update
Hep B/your first vaccination opportunity

September 2014
Colds/congestion review
Pacifiers: Friend or foe
Tech time: how much is too much
Keeping play dates safe (Nurse Jen)

October 2014
 Picky eating
what's in your medicine cabinet and getting rid of expired meds
Enterovirus D68
Halloween Safety tips

November 2014
Poisonous plant guide
Temper Tantrums
Food Safety Guidelines

December 2014
Holiday Safety tips
Alternative Allergy treatments
When can you take your infant out into the germy world
Updated Dosage chart

 January  2015
Keeping a journal
Febrile seizures
Measles outbreak 2015
Is your child contagious ( updated)
Ear infections ( cell scope promo code)

February 2015
More on Measles
Charity blogs about nipple wounds
Pie theory

March 2015
pink eye
Breast pumps (Nurse Charity)

April 2015
Healthy weight (Kurbo ap promo code)
Pertussis/ Whooping cough updated
Tick bites (updated)
Swimming with your baby

May 2015
Sleep tidbits part 1 infant
Sleep tidbits toddler/ shifting naps
Sleep tidbits  leaving the crib behind

June 2015
Fevers (updated)
Head aches
chickenpox/shingles exposure guide
travel tips (updated)

July 2015

4th of July safety tips
Car seat guide (updated)
Calcium/milk (updated)
Bedtime book
Cord care

August 2015
School immunization requirements
Constipation ( update)
Flu vaccine 2015/16 season
Bullies (update)

September 2015
speech milestones
tummy bugs (update)
Vitamind D (update)
Dentist list (update)

October 2015

Colic (update)
West Nile virus ( update)
Hepatitis A
Halloween safety tips (update)

November 2015
RSV (update)
Food safety tips (update)
The power of story telling

December 2015
Holiday safety tips (update)
Essential equipment
The best present is your presence ( update)

January 2016
Slap cheek ( update)
cleaning up
cradle cap

February 2016
Head injury (update)
talking to your kids about sex
Vicks vaporub on the feet (update)
The back to work transition

March 2016
Super Lice (update)
Lead (update)
Organizing tips
Hand/Foot/Mouth (update)

April 2016
Tick bites (update)
Siblings (update)
Probiotics (Nurse Jen)
Urgent Care options

May 2016
Night Terrors (update)
Bed wetting
kids and pets (update)
swimming (update)

June 2016
Ear infections (update)
motion sickness (update)
Fathers Day post ( Mr Nurse Judy)
Talking to your kids about horrible headlines

July 2016
July 4th safety (update)
Travel tips (update)
Eye health/vision
car seats (updated)

August 2016
School vaccination requirements 2016
They put what in their mouth? (update)
Flu vaccine for the 2016/17 season
pinworms ( update)

September 2016
Cutting your baby's nails (update)
Achieving a healthy weight (update)
Carbon Monoxide
Anaphylaxis (update)
Colic (update)

October 2016
Teething ( update)
Managing stress
Dealing with habits
Halloween safety ( update)

November 2016
RSV (update)
Antibiotic considerations
taking your baby out into this germy world ( update)
story telling ( update)

December 2016
Essential equipment (update)
When is your child contagious? (update)
Holiday safety checklist (update)
What is in your medicine cabinet? (update)

January 2017
Keep a journal (update)
The Dentist issue (update)
Speech milestones/speech therapy resources (update)
alternative allergy solutions (update)

February 2017
Tips for giving Medicine
Iron (update)
Zika (update)
Coughs and colds ( update)

March 2017
Dealing with loss ( update)
Finding balance ( update)
Flat heads/PT options
Poison Oak
Vitamin D ( update)

April 2017
Urgent Care Options ( update)
Siblings ( update)
Poop chapter one ( update)
Poop/starting solids (update)

May 2017
Toilet training tips ( update)
Mothers Day musings
Tick bites ( update)
Measles ( update)

June 2017
Sunscreen (update)
Slap Cheek (update)
Father's Day
Water safety/ Dry Drowning

July 2017
Swimming ( update)
Sippy cups
How Loud is too loud? (update)
Back to school vaccination requirements ( update)
Car Seat safety ( update)

August 2017
Food Heros and Villians
Problem solving skills ( update)
First aid kit
Flu vaccine 2017

September 2017
Bullies ( update)
Fever (update)
Organizing your stuff ( update)
Rashes ( update)
Lice (update)

October 2017
Lead (update)
Smoke and air quality
Eczema (update)
Halloween safety 2017

November 2017
RSV 2017
Carbon Monoxide 2017
The Impact of a single sentence
Inhaler tips/Reactive airway

December 2017
The best Present is your presence 2017
Essential equipment 2017
Will the real Santa please stand up 2017
They put What in their mouths/ 2017

January 2018
Tummy bugs 101 (2018)
Building and protecting your immune system
Old letters and pictures
They stuck what where? 2018

February 2018
Dentist issue 2018
When is your child contagious? 2018
The Misadventure of Nurse Judy/Managing stress 2018
We could all use a little bit more Mr Rogers

March 2018
The Back to work transition 2018
Dealing with Altitude 2018
Travel 2018
Vision Health 2018

April 2018
Urgent care options 2018
Constipation 2018
TemperTantrums 2018
Warts and Molluscum

May 2018
Diaper changing tips
Lessons from my Mom
Mosquito bite prevention
Teething (update 2018)

June 2018
Talking to your kids about homelessness
Picky eaters (2018)
The Partners Job
My Fathers Influence

July 2018
July 4th safety tips (2018)
Speech milestones ( 2018)
Milk/Calcium guids (2018)
Drowning/appoint a water guardian

August 2018
Car Seat update ( 2018)
Back to school adjustment tips
Motion sickness ( 2018)
Flu season 18/19
Epipen/anaphylaxis ( 2018)

September 2018
Measles./ travelers guide 2018
Mental illness
Time outs

October 2018
Coughs and colds 2018
Strep throat 2018
Halloween Safety 2018

November 2018
Acute Flaccid Myelitis
Pie Theory/Finding balance 2018
Air Quality
Food safety 2018
Impact of the recent smoke/radical acceptance 2018

December 2018
Holiday safety 2018
Keep a journal 2018

January 2019
Vaporizers/humidifiers 2019
Pertussis 2019
Four month sleep regression
Gun safety

February 2019
Head injury 2019
Hepatitis A 2019
Talking to your kids about sex 2019
Tech time/how much is too much 2019

March 2019
Urgent care options 2019
New School Vaccination requirements
Colic 2019
Cleaning up made simple 2019
Chicken Pox/Shingles exposure guide 2019

April 2019
ear infections 2019
There is no such thing as a silly question
Poisonous plants 2019
Tick Bites 2019

May 2019
The amazing Nanya/Mother in Law
Nurse Judy the mom
Sun screen 2019
Tylenol/Motrin dosages 2019
Bath time 2019

June 2019
Measles by the numbers
Fathers day Post
Travel safety

July 2019
Allergy alternative 2019
Siblings 2019
Lead exposure 2019
kids and pets 2019

August 2019
Flu season 2019
When kids play favorites
Sleep tips/ insomnia

October 2019
Branching out from English only

November 2019
The Power of story telling 2019
Food Safety update 2019
Car seat safety update 2019
Election time

December 2019
The Best Present is your presence 2019
Holiday safety 2019
The World can use more Mr Rogers 2019

January 2020
Habits update 2020
Flat head/ tummy time update 2020
Building and protecting your immune system

February 2020
Novel Corona Virus
Selling the family home/the end of an era
Covid-19 update
Adverse Childhood experiences

March 2020
social networking
Updated Medicine Cabinet
Quarantine tips
Assessing Priorities

April 2020
Too much togetherness
It is okay not to be right all of the time
Poison Oak ( update)
Finding Humor in the time of Quarantine

May 2020
The science of hair loss
The impact of a single sentence ( update)
Vitamin D (update)
Rashes/when to worry ( Update)
Talking to your child about sex ( update)

June 2020
In Memory of Uncle Landshark
Stop feeling guilty for finding moments of joy Decisions about the quarantine Drowning July 2020 Dealing and managing emotion Blink my baby is turning 30 Dietary guidelines 2020 Talking to your kids about germs August 2020 Ergonomics Happy Birthday Lauren Flu Vaccine 2020 How trivial choices can make a huge impact September 2020 Mosquito bites A story of the mysterious socks Talking to your child about Loss Family tree info

Stop feeling

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