Friday, December 5, 2014

Alternative Approach to Allergy treatment

A year or so ago a patient came in to our office for a visit. This little girl had a strong history of asthma and had a regular regimen of medications to manage it. At this visit, the doctor took note that our little patient was no longer taking her meds. Her asthma seemed to have mostly cleared up. The mom explained that they had done some treatments at a local place called Advanced Allergy Solutions and that the medications were no longer needed nearly as much. 
Dr S asked me to find out more. The patient's mom was happy to tell me all about it. She herself had done some treatments and that as someone who used to be allergic to dairy, she was now able to enjoy ice cream. For both her and her child the treatments had been life changing.
She got the report about the treatments sent over, but they didn't make a lot of sense to us. There was simply not a clear translation from this mode of treatment over to "Western Medicine".
I was intrigued though. Both of my daughters have had trouble with gluten since they became adults.
Lauren was the first to discover that her frequent migraines went away when she went on a gluten free diet. Alana, my youngest would have severe episodes that made her feel like her throat was closing. This was frightening and upsetting to say the least. Myriads of Western MD's had tried unsuccessfully to figure things out before we  had ascertained  out the gluten  seemed to be the culprit for her as well.  Anything that could ease these symptoms was worth a shot. Even though Alana was on a gluten free diet, gluten is sneaky and she had accidental exposures every so often.

She set up an appointment at Advanced Allergy solutions and I went along to watch.
They put a cuff on her arm and sent frequencies of different allergens.  If she was sensitive to something her arm would lift. It seemed like absolute voodoo, but then......
We looked at the list of things allergies that they had identified and to my surprise I saw that it was very consistent with the results from testing done at UCSF years ago. I had watched the process with the cynical eye of a scientist and was impressed with the results.

They told us from the get-go that they don't always have success treating gluten intolerance, but they did treat Alana for some food sensitivities, including wheat. Her symptoms noticeably shifted.  When she gets an accidental gluten exposure she still bloats up and feels gross, but she no longer has the same throat tightness. That is an important improvement.
My brother-in-law was also interested in hearing about our experience. He was super allergic to cats. He couldn't go into a house that had a cat without having significant wheezing and distress. He did a couple of treatments with great success. He now can do a cat house visit with the aid of a Zyrtec and have only mild symptoms.
There is something to this.
Over the years I have certainly told quite a few people about this treatment option and some of my patients have seen significant success, but it is just so strange. I found myself being cautious about bringing up to just anybody.

Recently we had a meeting with the Advanced Allergy folks and talked about all sorts of ways that their treatments could benefit people with stomach issues, respiratory issues, attention issues, get the idea.
It of course doesn't fix everything, but for some lucky people it is an absolute magic wand.
It still feels a bit like voodoo but it is completely non invasive and reasonably priced so I decided to spread the word and ask them to  do a better job explaining what they offer.  
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We're so happy Nurse Judy came in for an appointment at Advanced Allergy Solutions! It's true; the treatment is a little outside of the box from conventional medicine. However, this therapeutic approach has evolved from over 16 years of collaborative research from health care professionals, including naturopaths, acupuncturists and chiropractors. It combines modern day science with 3,000 year old traditional acupuncture principles.

We are a holistic allergy assessment and treatment center dedicated to resolving the symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.  Utilizing Advanced Allergy Therapeutics our services are non-invasive (no cream, no shots, no blood work), safe and effective for all ages, including children and infants. Our youngest patient to date was 2 weeks old!

At Advanced Allergy Solutions, we assess the body to see what allergens are triggering negative reactions. Through a system that works like acupressure, we recondition the body to have a positive association to a substance.

Here are some common symptoms we see at Advanced Allergy Solutions:


 Asthma

 Night cough

 Hay Fever

 Congestion

 Pet allergies


 Eczema

 Hives

 Acne

 Rashes


 Infantile reflux

 Colic

 Tummy aches

 Diarrhea


 Headaches

 Food allergies


 Behavioral problems

Our goal is to bring long-lasting relief to those who suffer from allergies and other sensitivities. We are conveniently located in the neighborhood of Hayes Valley in San Francisco and are thrilled to be bringing this leading edge holistic allergy therapy to Northern California.   

Click here to visit the website. 

If you end up checking them out, I would love your feedback!
~Nurse Judy


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