Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Woes/ What's going around

For those of you who have had illness sweeping through your households, or you loyal readers who check my Monday Noe Valley Pediatrics Updates blog, you know that we have seen a bit of everything so far this winter.
Our patients and families have been dealing with RSV, tons of colds and coughs, fevers, strep throat and tummy woes.
There have been a number of cases of Influenza type A.
I also think I am also starting to see some hand foot mouth. When that comes around it has a way of sweeping through the day cares.
Quite a few of our families have been traveling these past several weeks. It is common for us to see even a larger influx of virus illnesses right after the holidays. If the fifty states were a deck of cards, I always imagine that they do a great big shuffle right about now, thanks to all the travelers, and spread all the germs.

Many of these illnesses have been addressed in earlier blog posts but for your convenience, here are are some of the common themes, just a click away.



General guide to dealing with coughs and colds

Dealing with fevers

Hand Foot and Mouth Virus

Tummy bugs

Tylenol/ Motrin dosages charts

Happy and Healthy New year to all of you.

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