Friday, August 23, 2013

Basic Butt Care/ diaper rash

Diaper rash can occur from multiple reasons.
Most diaper irritations are simply your baby's delicate skin being in contact with irritating stool and urine.
Prevent Prevent Prevent........when you can.
The key is to keep your baby as dry as possible.
Use gentle wipes that don't have perfume or alcohol.
Some folks use plain water if even the gentlest wipes seem irritating.
After you have done the wiping, it is time for one of my favorite tricks.
Take a plain tissue and tap it around your babies recently cleaned skin. Most of the time the skin is still a bit damp and tacky feeling. The tissue will actually stick to the skin.
Your job is to tap tap tap, (get into all those little creases) until the Kleenex no longer sticks to the skin at all. NOW you have a perfectly dry baby.
If you don't actually need to get that diaper right back on, a few sessions of "diaper off" time throughout the day is the best thing you can do for your baby's little tush.
Air time is helpful at preventing rashes and it is essential when it comes to clearing them up.
The next time your baby is in the office getting weighed, ask to take the protective blue pad with you. Those are great to put your baby on during air time (They don't protect from spraying, alas...put a little wash cloth over your little fellows and avoid white carpet.)
Pee pee pads from a pet store are also a good place to lay your baby for some "air time".

Another thing I do as a preventive measure is to add a splash of apple cider vinegar to the bath water (I don't have an exact amount because tubs vary greatly)

Keep your baby well hydrated, concentrated urine is more irritating.

If your baby is rash free, you don't actually need to put any diaper creams on during the day.
Once your baby is giving you a longer stretch at night I would apply a barrier cream. For preventive care I don't have a favorite, there are lots of wonderful brands.

Desitin is a fine cream, but I find it hard to clean off. I often find that it is easier to work with if you mix it with some A and D ointment or Aquaphor.

If your baby has a rash, I like a cream called Calmoseptine. The Noe Valley and Diamond Heights Walgreen's try to keep it in stock for me.

It seems to me that some kids are more susceptible to rashes when they are teething.
I also will see rashes flare up when babies start solids.

Once in a while a rash can be caused by yeast which thrive is warm, moist dark places.
(As you can imagine, two places where yeast love to hang out are a wet diaper and the inside of a nursing bra)
Yeasty rashes can look very spotty or very red with distinct borders.
I am never afraid to add an anti fungal cream if we are suspicious of yeast..
For a yeast diaper rash:
*As much air as you can manage
*Apple cider vinegar to the bath
* a thin layer of Lotrimin (over the counter...yes it is the same cream that is used for Athletes foot) three times/ day
*Calmoseptine or another barrier cream on top of the Lotrimin

Some rashes get so raw that the poor little bottoms bleed.
I would put a thin layer of Neosporin on any open, sore areas...also three times a day (Sometimes it feels like a little paint by numbers kit...a little of this here, and a little of that there)

An old baby nurse that I worked with many years ago used to create her own concoction.
She would get an empty plastic container and mix in equal parts of the 3 following ingredients:
*A&D oitment
*Maalox or Mylanta
 This stuff worked wonders. I speculate that the antacid  component helped combat especially acidic poop irritation.

You will often know within a day or so that you are on the right track. Some rashes look remarkably better after the first session of fresh air. 
If there is absolutely no improvement after a couple of days, it is worth having an evaluation in the office.

We will most likely always want to see any diaper rash that is pimply or oozy.

Okay, get that tush out for some air ( sorry about your carpet)


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