Saturday, March 16, 2013

keep a journal

Welcome to January, the month when people often find themselves making all sorts of resolutions for how to live better.

I have a suggestion for one that is easy to keep and that will potentially bring plenty of smiles in the years ahead.

Start keeping a journal!
Sure, we all take a lot of photos and movies these days, but there is nothing like the written word. 

My daughter 25 year old daughter  Lauren has been on #277 flights.
If you give me a moment I can also retrieve all sorts of odd facts, like the first movie she ever saw in the theatre and when she lost her first tooth.

I started keeping track of things when I first found out I was pregnant. Clearly you don’t need to write things daily, but keeping track of milestones and fun things that kids come up with can create a wonderful database of stuff that you are sure to refer to and enjoy as your children grow

If you like you can create a shared document that both parents can add to.
In our journal ( both kids share the same one) Daddy’s voice was  written in Italics.

My husband had the wonderful habit of documenting conversations.
The following was from when Alana was seven and Daddy was picking her up from school.

Alana:   I'm doing a picture in reds and pinks.
Sandy:   Why?
Alana:   Because Van Gogh had a red period.
Sandy:   You're learning about Van Gogh?
Alana:   Yeah. And then I'm going to do a painting in different shades of
Sandy:   Why
Alana:   Because Van Gogh also had a blue period.
Sandy:   Well that's terrific.
Alana:   And Miss Price is going to bring a real artist to class so he
can teach us.
Sandy:   Well that will be very exciting.
Alana:    But it won't be Van Gogh because he's dead!

It is never too late to start.
In our case I am delighted that we were able to track early milestones like first words and motor skills. Over the years random facts like teachers names, the revolving door of boyfriends and life events have all been documented.

Especially if you have multiple kids keeping track of various illnesses and allergies is something that is useful to be able to refer back to.

When does it stop?? My kids say never. They especially insist that I keep up with their flight tallies!

Warning, time zips by.
The on line journal is a great way to capture moments forever.

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